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4 Weird Knives & Why You Might Want Them

From Andrew Zimmern:

I Believe in Using the Right Tool for the Job.

That’s why I geek out over weird knives like these. Sure, you could use a chef’s knife for a multitude of purposes, but if you break down whole chickens or make noodles at home, you cannot beat using a tool designed specifically for that purpose. Here are some cool knives that might make your food life a heck of a lot easier.

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We are pleased that Shun Cutlery-KAI USA Ltd. is recognized as one of the top vendors at Williams-Sonoma. Shun was honored to be in attendance last week at Chuck Williams’ 99th birthday celebration and the grand re-opening of his original 1956 store in Sonoma, CA. We are extremely grateful to founder Chuck Williams and the Williams-Sonoma team for their continued support of our brands, and look forward to many more years of bringing the finest in Japanese cutlery to their loyal customers and fans.

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